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Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra (Founder of Neurotherapy)

Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra, was born in a highly respected family of A  mritsar, as the 7th offspring of Sri. Ramgopal Mehra and Smt. Kesara Devi, on 23rd August 1932. A living legend of his times,he is renowned for developing a novel technique (LMNT) of curing the masses without recourse to medicines, and for his selfless and dedicated service to humanity.

       At the tender age of 11, he was afflicted with a severe stomach ache, which lasted for several months, which could not be relieved with the best of medical help available at the time. By providence, he met an old man who asked him to lie face down; and cured him almost instantly, by a simple native technique of ‘setting the navel’ by manipulating his hands and legs in a special fashion.

Dr.Lajpatrai mehra’s Neurotherapy Ashram 

The ashram is located in natural surrounding in suryamal village, mokhada taluka, thane district, Maharashtra state, where Dr. mehra sees his deams come true. The ashram is situated faraway from the city, keeping in mind the needs of the tribal and poor people where medicines or doctors may not be available for quite a few miles.

From 1994, a free medical camp is every Sunday here where all patients are treated by his therapy, without any fees. Between 150-200 patients come to receive Neurotherapy treatment at the ashram. By these free camps, in the past 18 years, more then fourty thousand patients have taken treatment, of which more than 80% of patients have been cured or have gained much benefit from this therapy.


In the 1999 an academy has been established here in suryamal where students come from all over india to live here and receive training in neurotherapy. . Here they are given basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology, in addition to theory and practical of Dr. lajpatrai mehra’s Neurotherapy. Student are also tought about our ancient civilization and culture so that they could go backto their areas to create a new society. Besides yoga, agnihotra and evening prayers, attendance at a gayatri havan performed once a week is compulsory for all students. In addition to teaching student to lead a disciplined and principled life. Emphasis is laid on developing compassion and concern to human values. In fact , Dr. mehra’ji wants the creation of a gurukul – type environment.


From 1994 dr. lajpatrai mehra has been serving the general public by conducting free neurotherapy camp every Sunday at his ashram. In response to public demand and cater to the need of patients from differents states in india and abroad, wellness centre (arogyadham) , was launched at ashram in march 2010


Dr. Lajpatrai mehra’s Neurotherapy institute

 In 1992, Neurotherapy institute was established at bandra in Mumbai. Due to the regular visits of patients suffering from diverse ailments, Dr. mehra began to read medical books and atarted systematic study and research about varios diseases and began to advise new treatments for them. Soon, patients with a variety of disorders – from cold to cancer – began to get relief. On an average , more than a hundred patients per day take adwantage of this treatment via the centre.

Since then hundreds of students have learnt this therapy and have been able to treat patients successfully. By these students, thousands of patients have been benefitted over the past two decades and thereby this therapy has been getting prevalence and publicity.

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